Happy Canada Day! (eh?)


July 1st is Canada Day up here in the true north, strong, and free. What better way to celebrate this than some satirical comedy from our national broadcaster, the CBC?

There are some really great nostalgic blasts from the past hidden in there, including references to the elusive house hippo, Body Break, and this gem:

Canadian celebrities
All of our “favourite” male Canadian celebrities

(I don’t know why, but the fact that poutine and the picture of Bob from ReBoot made it onto the board is killllllllling me)


There are so many amazing things about living in Canada, not least of which is our stellar skills at self-deprecating humour, or our ability to laugh at ourselves no matter who is making the joke, but here are 16 more reasons why I’m proud to be Canadian and love where I come from:

  1. We say sorry, A LOT, and we mean it too. Canadians get mocked a lot for our apologizing ways, but studies show that apologizing can make you happier and strengthen relationships.
  2. 3 of the world’s top 5 “Most Liveable Cities” are Canadian. Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto all made the list!
  3. Our snowboarding season lasts from November-May; or all year round if you head to Whistler.
  4. Poutine. Literally The. Most. Amazing. Food. EVER.poutine
  5. You can mail a letter to Santa Claus c/o The North Pole HOH OHO; and he’ll even WRITE BACK TO YOU. Volunteer elves at Canada Post respond to each and every letter that gets received.
  6. We know how to design a Hallowe’en costume to fit over our snowsuits. Fun fact, according to the Smithsonian Magazine, the phrase “Trick or Treat!” was first used in the hamlet of Blackie, Alberta back in 1927. So, Canada basically invented modern day Hallowe’en.
  7. If you’re from Saskatchewan, you call a hoodie a “bunnyhug” and it’s honestly just a way better name. We should all adopt it and start using it from now on.
  8. We’re the world’s biggest producer of maple syrup. And not only that, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers stockpiles more than 220,000 barrels of it in warehouse so that Canadians can always enjoy it, no matter what happens to nature’s supply.
  9. We’ve got universal healthcare. Never in my life have I paid even one penny to see a doctor or a nurse.
  10. We don’t have to deal with stupid pennies. And instead, we’ve got quarters with glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs on them!

    Glow-in-the-dark. Like a boss.
  11. We have 3 million lakes. 3 MILLION. That’s a lot of places to get outdoors and enjoy nature.
  12. We also have stunning scenery from coast to coast. Gemstone coloured glacial lakes in the Rockies, incredible sunsets across the Prairies, Niagara Falls, Bay of Fundy, icebergs floating past Newfoundland; we are instagram-ready for it all!

    Moraine Lake
    Moraine Lake, Banff National Park
  13. Americans want to be us. If you’ve ever traveled abroad, it’s a safe bet you’ve seen at least one or two backpackers with a maple leaf or Canadian flag sewn onto their pack. But did you know not every maple leaf-sporting backpacker actually hails from the north? I can’t count the number of times I’ve noticed a Canadian flag on someone’s bag and asked them where they were from, only to get responses like “New Jersey, Denver, Minneapolis, or Boise.”
  14. Most western Canadian might not be able to hold a conversation in French, but be damn sure we can all read the back of a cereal box. Or know what a Macpoulet is.
  15. We spell things the British way. Also the American way. Really, whatever way happens to be most convenient at the time. And we also adhere to the metric system for almost everything, except when it comes to the height and weight of a person. Ask me to tell you my height in centimetres and I would need to do a Google search for “5 foot 8 in cm” to find out the answer. But seriously guys, for everything else in the world the metric system makes waaaaay more sense. Why are you so behind the times, America?!
  16. Our weather is intense. Insane, even. A winter chinook can take Calgary from a frigid -40C to a balmy +10C in one day. Or, it might be 30C one day, and have 10cm of snow on the ground the next. But no matter what, at the end of a long winter, when the temperatures start rising, we Canadians take pleasure in shedding layers faster than you can say “Eh?!”
Every Canadian IRL.


Are you Canadian? What’s your favourite thing about being a Canuck? Not a Canadian? Share your favourite stereotype, or favourite thing about visiting Canada. Add to this list by commenting below!



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