Top Gifts for the Traveller on Your List (2017)

Gift shopping can be tough, and the traveler(s) on your list can seem especially difficult to buy for. After all, what do you get someone who can’t be pinned down to one place? Keep reading for Wanderlost & Found’s 2017 Gift Guide for some great ideas.


Happy Canada Day! (eh?)

July 1st is Canada Day up here in the true north, strong, and free. What better way to celebrate this than some satirical comedy from our national broadcaster, the CBC? There are some really great nostalgic blasts from the past hidden in there, including references to the elusive house hippo, Body Break, and this gem:…

My Favourite Banff Town Hikes

Canada’s Rocky Mountains are famed for their dramatic peaks, gemstone-coloured lakes, and diverse wildlife. They’re also remote and cover a massive area, with many trails difficult to access if you don’t have a vehicle. But there are a surprising number of great hiking options with trailheads starting from right in the town of Banff, keep reading to find about more about some of my favourites!

An A to Z Guide To Maximizing Your Travel Dollars

Don’t let an empty wallet stop you from dreaming big when it comes to your travel plans. From accommodation to transportation to sight-seeing, there are a wide range of options out there for you to travel for little to no money of your own. (Yes, it is actually possible!)

Sweden has a National Phone Number and You Can Use It to “Call a Random Swede”

In 1766 Sweden became the first country in the world to abolish censorship, and the Swedish Tourist Association wants to honour this anniversary by offering anybody, anywhere in the world the opportunity to call Sweden and get connected to a random Swede. Call, and the person you get connected to is a local, living somewhere in Sweden, and you can have a conversation with them about anything you feel like (ummmm, can anybody tell me what all the Ikea furniture names mean, and maybe explain how to put together my new VITTSJÖ while we’re at it? Also, I’d love some secret family recipes for meatballs.)

Interactive Map

“a map is permission to get lost” – erika meitner Click the map icons to find links to blog posts from those locations. Reviews and Extras will be added soon!

What’s In My Carry On?

Having a well packed carry on can make any travel day effortless, whether it’s a 3 hour flight or a 24 hour long day of flights and connections. Obviously, for the shorter flights you don’t need to weigh yourself down with quite so much stuff (and trust me, the less you have to lug around airports,…

The Merits of Making (and Breaking) Some Resolutions

Ahhhh, January. For us Canadians, it’s that brutally cold and dark month in the middle of winter that we try our hardest to pretend doesn’t actually exist. But it’s also the beginning of a new year, a chance to hit our internal reset button, and resolve to be a better person, or maybe just better at life. I…

I suck at travel blogging…

A couple of months ago I bought Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing. It’s full of inspiring travel writing examples (also great inspiration is The Irresponsible Traveler by Bradt Travel Guides), useful advice from the industry, and other tips and hints to make you the greatest travel writer you can possibly be. Armed with my…

Follow my Australia Travels with TrackMyTour

For my upcoming trip to Australia, I’m trying out a new app called TrackMyTour. You can follow my real time travels in map form, view places I’ve been, and some photos and comments from those places. You also have the option to comment on my waypoints, if you feel like it. Click on the link below…

Travel Bucketlist Thursday – MOROCCO – #tbt

Only 15km from Spain, across the Strait of Gilbraltar, lies an intoxicating contrast of old world charm and new world modernity, expansive desert and crowded medinas, sparkling ocean and high mountain peaks. Morocco has long been on the travel radar but the Arab Spring, and the events it spawned, had tempered tourism in recent years….