Top Gifts for the Traveller on Your List (2017)

Gift shopping can be tough, and the traveler(s) on your list can seem especially difficult to buy for. After all, what do you get someone who can’t be pinned down to one place? Keep reading for Wanderlost & Found’s 2017 Gift Guide for some great ideas.


Learning to Love Bali

I have to confess, the first time I went to Bali I wasn’t that impressed. It was crowded, it was chaotic, and it was (relatively) expensive. It wasn’t the island paradise I’d been expecting – the relaxed, easy-going, quiet world where we could walk to everything and everywhere we’d ever want that I had built…

A Morning Spent on Inle Lake

“This is Burma and it will be quite unlike any land you know about.” wrote Rudyard Kipling after visiting the country in 1889, and the statement holds as much weight today as it did back then. Until very recently, the country remained effectively cut off from much of the world, and from tourism in general, preserving a rich cultural heritage of over 100 ethnic groups in a way rarely witnessed in todays modern, globalized world.

My Favourite Banff Town Hikes

Canada’s Rocky Mountains are famed for their dramatic peaks, gemstone-coloured lakes, and diverse wildlife. They’re also remote and cover a massive area, with many trails difficult to access if you don’t have a vehicle. But there are a surprising number of great hiking options with trailheads starting from right in the town of Banff, keep reading to find about more about some of my favourites!

An A to Z Guide To Maximizing Your Travel Dollars

Don’t let an empty wallet stop you from dreaming big when it comes to your travel plans. From accommodation to transportation to sight-seeing, there are a wide range of options out there for you to travel for little to no money of your own. (Yes, it is actually possible!)

Sweden has a National Phone Number and You Can Use It to “Call a Random Swede”

In 1766 Sweden became the first country in the world to abolish censorship, and the Swedish Tourist Association wants to honour this anniversary by offering anybody, anywhere in the world the opportunity to call Sweden and get connected to a random Swede. Call, and the person you get connected to is a local, living somewhere in Sweden, and you can have a conversation with them about anything you feel like (ummmm, can anybody tell me what all the Ikea furniture names mean, and maybe explain how to put together my new VITTSJÖ while we’re at it? Also, I’d love some secret family recipes for meatballs.)

Interactive Map

“a map is permission to get lost” – erika meitner Click the map icons to find links to blog posts from those locations. Reviews and Extras will be added soon!

The Wanderlost & Found Guide to Speaking Australian

Australians have their own unique brand of English that sometimes (okay, lots of times) even other native English speakers struggle to understand. It can be difficult to comprehend words being spoken through a foreign accent, but when you consider an Australians penchant to abbreviate practically every word and/or phrase imaginable, their love of adding completely random endings…

What’s In My Carry On?

Having a well packed carry on can make any travel day effortless, whether it’s a 3 hour flight or a 24 hour long day of flights and connections. Obviously, for the shorter flights you don’t need to weigh yourself down with quite so much stuff (and trust me, the less you have to lug around airports,…

39 Reasons to Visit Southern Iceland in the Winter

Volcanoes slumber under glacier-capped mountains, while waterfalls cascade from the highlands and geothermal hotsprings dot a landscape that is literally being rifted apart. Everything on this island is dramatic, and if you visit in winter, you’ll only have to share it with a handful of people. (You can also view the gallery on

14 Photos to Make You Want to Get On the Next Flight Out of Here

Wanderlust, that feeling of wanting to pick up and just leave and go somewhere completely new and unknown is always with me. It’s that nagging little voice inside my head saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to be sitting on a beach somewhere right now? Wouldn’t it be so cool to be hiking through that mountain…

How to Survive the Long Haul

Next week I’ll be embarking on my 3rd 14+ hour-long flight in as many months, and while I don’t really mind the long hours on an airplane, most people I know make an ew-yuck/horrified/eye roll face when they think about sitting on an airplane for that long so I thought I’d share some of my survival…