An A to Z Guide To Maximizing Your Travel Dollars

Don’t let an empty wallet stop you from dreaming big when it comes to your travel plans. From accommodation to transportation to sight-seeing, there are a wide range of options out there for you to travel for little to no money of your own. (Yes, it is actually possible!)


The Wanderlost & Found Guide to Speaking Australian

Australians have their own unique brand of English that sometimes (okay, lots of times) even other native English speakers struggle to understand. It can be difficult to comprehend words being spoken through a foreign accent, but when you consider an Australians penchant to abbreviate practically every word and/or phrase imaginable, their love of adding completely random endings…

How to Survive the Long Haul

Next week I’ll be embarking on my 3rd 14+ hour-long flight in as many months, and while I don’t really mind the long hours on an airplane, most people I know make an ew-yuck/horrified/eye roll face when they think about sitting on an airplane for that long so I thought I’d share some of my survival…