Learning to Love Bali

I have to confess, the first time I went to Bali I wasn’t that impressed. It was crowded, it was chaotic, and it was (relatively) expensive. It wasn’t the island paradise I’d been expecting – the relaxed, easy-going, quiet world where we could walk to everything and everywhere we’d ever want that I had built…

Happy Canada Day! (eh?)

July 1st is Canada Day up here in the true north, strong, and free. What better way to celebrate this than some satirical comedy from our national broadcaster, the CBC? There are some really great nostalgic blasts from the past hidden in there, including references to the elusive house hippo, Body Break, and this gem:…

A Morning Spent on Inle Lake

“This is Burma and it will be quite unlike any land you know about.” wrote Rudyard Kipling after visiting the country in 1889, and the statement holds as much weight today as it did back then. Until very recently, the country remained effectively cut off from much of the world, and from tourism in general, preserving a rich cultural heritage of over 100 ethnic groups in a way rarely witnessed in todays modern, globalized world.

My Favourite Banff Town Hikes

Canada’s Rocky Mountains are famed for their dramatic peaks, gemstone-coloured lakes, and diverse wildlife. They’re also remote and cover a massive area, with many trails difficult to access if you don’t have a vehicle. But there are a surprising number of great hiking options with trailheads starting from right in the town of Banff, keep reading to find about more about some of my favourites!

Interactive Map

“a map is permission to get lost” – erika meitner Click the map icons to find links to blog posts from those locations. Reviews and Extras will be added soon!

The Wanderlost & Found Guide to Speaking Australian

Australians have their own unique brand of English that sometimes (okay, lots of times) even other native English speakers struggle to understand. It can be difficult to comprehend words being spoken through a foreign accent, but when you consider an Australians penchant to abbreviate practically every word and/or phrase imaginable, their love of adding completely random endings…

39 Reasons to Visit Southern Iceland in the Winter

Volcanoes slumber under glacier-capped mountains, while waterfalls cascade from the highlands and geothermal hotsprings dot a landscape that is literally being rifted apart. Everything on this island is dramatic, and if you visit in winter, you’ll only have to share it with a handful of people. (You can also view the gallery on Exposure.co)

Dispatches – Haiti – When Electricity is a Luxury Instead of the Norm

Just because you’ve got money in Haiti, it doesn’t guarantee you access to reliable electricity from the power grid. At the hotel we were staying at, the power cut out multiple times per day, sometimes multiple times per hour. We were lucky enough to have a backup generator, but even that wasn’t able to completely…

Dispatches – Haiti – Crossing the Border

I am dreaming. The soft, comfortable, floaty kind of dream that you have sometimes where you might as well be sleeping on a bed of clouds. Suddenly, very loud, obnoxious country music violently overturns my puffy cloud-bed and dumps me back into reality. Emma’s alarm clock is going off. It’s 5:40am, and it’s the last…

Pai, Thailand

“Pai is Falling in Love.” The phrase, or some iteration of it, is plastered across this sleepy little hippy (sorry, alternative lifestyle) town in northern Thailand. Pai is Love! Pai Love You! Love in Pai! I’m not really sure when Pai became the self-declared love capital of Thailand, but self-declared love capital it is. That’s okay….