Learning to Love Bali

I have to confess, the first time I went to Bali I wasn’t that impressed. It was crowded, it was chaotic, and it was (relatively) expensive. It wasn’t the island paradise I’d been expecting – the relaxed, easy-going, quiet world where we could walk to everything and everywhere we’d ever want that I had built…

A Morning Spent on Inle Lake

“This is Burma and it will be quite unlike any land you know about.” wrote Rudyard Kipling after visiting the country in 1889, and the statement holds as much weight today as it did back then. Until very recently, the country remained effectively cut off from much of the world, and from tourism in general, preserving a rich cultural heritage of over 100 ethnic groups in a way rarely witnessed in todays modern, globalized world.

Pai, Thailand

“Pai is Falling in Love.” The phrase, or some iteration of it, is plastered across this sleepy little hippy (sorry, alternative lifestyle) town in northern Thailand. Pai is Love! Pai Love You! Love in Pai! I’m not really sure when Pai became the self-declared love capital of Thailand, but self-declared love capital it is. That’s okay….